October 2, 2012

Color Palettes for Family Photos #4

Often times I am asked what color(s) should a family wear for their family photo shoot. Coordinating colors is important for photos to look clean and professional. I love all sorts of colors as long as they look good together. In the coming weeks, I will provide examples of past sessions and a sample color palette to help you coordinate your next photo session!

Different Shades of Blue:

 Photobucket Blue, Aqua, & Gray 

What I love about this combination is it uses one main color (blue) and pulls many different shades. They then paired the shades of blue with a couple of neutrals (gray & white). This can be done with ANY color you want! Love the color red? Pair a maroon with an apple red along with a neutral color and you've got a great look! The key to choosing one main color and using many different shades is also using patterns. A solid blue shirt paired with a solid aqua shirt won't look as amazing as mixing up the patterns. Not everyone has to be in a pattern (although it definitely works for this family!), one person could have a solid color while another person has stripes and the third has a fun pattern. Mix it up!

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